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Fundraising Challenges

We recognise the numerous challenges that exist to do fundraising and we aim to assist in these areas:

  • Resource constraints

  • Legalities around raffles and game of chance

  • Reaching international audiences

  • Fundraising know-how

  • Leveraging technology

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NEAT's Telefundraising Opportunity:
  • NEAT’s partnership with SilverSky allows resource pool to gain access to fundraising expertise, call centre agents and data cleaning specialists.

  • Stay within the boundaries of the law, by running a legal Telefundraising campaign that is approved by the National Lotteries Commission.

  • Leverage technology through our partnerships with AlumNet to reach your international audiences. Communicate and transact via WhatsApp with real-time transparency.

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AlumNet with wording only.png

AlumNet is the number one online
platform for Alumni organisations
in South Africa. For the last 15 years, it is enabling schools, universities, tertiary institutions and other alumni organisations to unlock value from their alumni to the benefit of their respective institutions.

The AlumNet team build credible relationships with their clients over the years and enables digital fundraising.

SilverSky is a leader in providing technology for communities in South Africa. In the process they gained a lot of experience in building alumni organisations and understand the unique challenges that faces non-profit organisations.

As a registered Lottery Manager, they assist with execution of society lottery schemes, by leveraging their technology, digital sales centre and expertise.

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The National Lotteries Commission controls the legal aspects of lottery schemes. NEAT is currently in the final stages registering as a society organisation that will enable us to run society lotteries (fundraising campaigns) on behalf of our beneficiaries.

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Skimela Wa Cash Bonanza

Beneficiary: Paarl Boys' High Old Boys' Union
A digital fundraiser support of academic advancement at Paarl Boys' High

Lottery Scheme Number: 00424/1
Lottery Manager: SilverSky (Pty) Ltd (Reg No. 0012/23)

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